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The Power of HR

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Harnessing HR’s Strategic Power

Human Resources professionals, when properly aligned with your company’s strategic goals, can have a dramatic impact on improving the productivity, morale, recruitment, retention, training, and profit-producing potential of a company’s entire workforce. For almost any company today the most important asset and source of competitive advantage is the quality of their workforce. And, HR professionals are uniquely situated to build and enhance the capabilities of a company’s workforce through their work on recruitment, training, conflict resolution, compensation, and more. If you assemble the right team of HR staff members and give them the power to implement your organization’s values and mission, they can help you build a workforce that will fuel your success for years to come. By choosing TPG as your staffing HR partner we can help you build an all-pro HR team for your company.

Avoiding Crippling Compliance Mistakes

While a properly assembled and empowered HR team can help any company get the most out of their workforce, the opposite is also unfortunately true as well. If your HR staff doesn’t have the most up-to-date knowledge or skills – or isn’t empowered to put those skills into action – your company can face a wide range of potentially crippling consequences. There is no area where this is truer than in the realm of compliance issues. Mistakes in the area of compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations can ensnare your company in costly legal and regulatory sanctions that could even threaten your company’s financial viability. In addition, these sorts of issues often have a “spill-over” effect on other areas of your business, negatively impacting employee morale, productivity, recruitment, and retention.

That’s why it is so critical to make sure that your HR staff has the most up-to-date knowledge possible of all relevant compliance issues, so that they can help you avoid the negative consequences of ignoring or mishandling them. Fortunately, when you work with TPG Staffing HR to fill your open HR positions, you can always be confident that the HR professionals we recruit for your team will have knowledge of all of the potential compliance pitfalls and how best to avoid them, saving your company untold costs and headaches as you grow and expand your business.

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Recruiting, Training & Retention

The power of HR to transform your workforce is nowhere more apparent than in the connected areas of recruitment, training, and retention. TPG Staffing HR can help you fill out your HR team with professionals who can ensure that you recruit new staff who fit your company’s culture and mission, expose them to training so that their skills constantly improve and remain cutting-edge, and retain them through career path progression, recognition and market-appropriate compensation and benefits. We know from our vast experience the critical importance of putting highly skilled HR professionals in charge of recruiting, training, and retention efforts for any company – and we can help you staff these HR positions with candidates who will help your business excel in all three of these areas.

Ensuring the Smooth Functioning of your Workforce

Staffing the right kind of HR professionals for your organization can help “smooth the wheels” of all areas of employee and management interaction. Whether it is through conflict resolution or training in the areas of sexual harassment or other “hot button” issues, HR staff can ensure that your company addresses any potential problems that can hinder the productivity and morale of your staff. By opening lines of communication and clearly setting expectations and standards, HR professionals can prevent and address a variety of issues in the workplace that can interfere with your company’s primary focus. TPG Staffing HR can make sure that you have the specific HR professionals in place to keep every aspect of your business running smoothly, enabling your other staff members to concentrate on their mission-critical tasks instead of being sidetracked by distractions of any kind.